How to Build Your Own Pig Cooker

So you wanna have a pig roast, eh?  Good idea.  Cooking a pig is good fun.  The only ‘problem’ with pig roasts is that they sound like a major production and a lot of work.  And truth be told, it does take some effort.  This isn’t something you’re going to do for Sunday night dinner.  But in actuality, hosting a pig roast isn’t nearly as hard as it sounds.  The stumbling block is usually the pig cooker itself.  These things are expensive to rent, hard to find, and difficult to build.  At least, they were.  Until now...

That’s right my friends…  I have developed my own award winning, patent pending, fabulastic (as my wife would say), pigtacular, build-it-yourself pig cooker!  I call it the Pig Kiln 3000!  It ain’t the world first wooden pig cooker, but it’s the first one you can build yourself with almost no skill while being half in the bag! All you need are some common tools and materials that you can buy at any local hardware store (and still fit in your car!)

Features of the Pig Kiln 3000

  • Costs less than $80 to build.  If you have some junk or scrap wood laying around the yard, chances are a lot less.
  • Can be built by one person.  And a pretty talentless one at that.
  • Everything you need fits into your average car and can be picked up at the local Home Depot.
  • Requires only a saw, a drill and some beer to assemble.
  • Fully reusable.  Unless you don’t want to, in which case, you can let the damn thing go up in flames to avoid clean up!
  • Can be flattened and stored (unless you decide to go with the ‘let it burn’ clean up method mentioned above).
  • It’s light weight and can be moved around your yard easily.
  • Fully organic, eco-friendly, Atkins-approved, etc.
  • It’s a hybrid: burns both wood and charcoal!  (And anything else you decide to use as fuel)
  • And it just looks cool!  After all, it’s a wooden pig cooker.  (Hint: when everyone laughs at you, take bets that it works.  It will pay for itself in no time!)
  • Comes with pig cooking instructions, tips, do’s and don’ts, and a everything else you wanted to know about cooking a pig, but were afraid to ask.
  • Wife-friendly. (See below.)

Browse around my site. There is lots of info here (and more forthcoming) on how to throw the perfect pig roast. If you are in fact here to get yourself a pig cooker, then youv'e come to the right place. Click here!

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Build Your Own Pig Cooker

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Want to build your own Pig Kiln 3000? Buy the plans for just $14.95. Even if you never follow through, it will make for a good bar story.