Ready to build your own Pig Cooker?

If you happen to be in the Washington, DC area and are willing to drive to Capitol Hill to pick this pig cooker up, then I can actually build it for you and sell it to you, ready to go. But since such local marketing will not help my plan to conquer the world, one pig cooker at a time, I am selling two varieties of my pig cooker (in an effort to support my pig cooking habit.)

You can even roast a pig on your back porch!Buy the Pig Cooker Plans

Are you handy? (Even if you're not, but you think you are, you'll probably be fine). Do you own at least a saw and an electric screwdriver? And do you own a vehicle large enough to get 2x5' flat piece of wood in it (the largest piece required)? If you answered yes to all of those questions, the instruction kit is for you! What's included:

  • An illustrated, step by step guide to construction
  • A complete material list (including suggested substitutes if you have stuff laying around)
  • A guide on how to actually cook and serve the pig (including how much charcoal, how long to cook it, how you know it's done, how to serve, etc.)
  • A "dos and don'ts" guide for best pig roast results
  • Email support, should you need any help or input

All this for the low price of $14.95! And don't be a cheap bastard and think that you've seen enough pictures on this website that you can do it yourself. You can't. You're not that talented. Go ask your wife/girlfriend and she'll confirm that. Just do us both a favor and cough up the lousy fifteen bucks. It will save you the time and hassle of learning things the hard way and will support my pig cooking habit.

Click here to see sample excerpts of the pig cooker plans.

Buy the Pig Cooker Kit

The difference between the 'pig cooker' plans and the 'pig cooker kit' is that with the kit, you get all the materials pre-cut and shipped to you. All you have to do is screw it together. All you technically need is a screw driver (though we suggest an electric screw driver, as there are a lot of screws.)

No one has actually requested this product yet since the cost of shipping is going to defeat the purpose of using a very cheap, build it yourself pig cooker. So if you want the kit, consider yourself the first. Just email me and I'll make a kit for you, figure out what it costs to ship, and only charge you for the actual cost. Consider it a 'beta test.'


Build Your Own Pig Cooker

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Want to build your own Pig Kiln 3000? Buy the plans for just $14.95. Even if you never follow through, it will make for a good bar story.